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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Butcher To The Rescue

November 17, 2010
What a week! The photographs for Sunday Roasts are being shot as I write. The photographer, Susie Cushner, called first and the food stylist, Maggie Ruggiero, next. I ended up talking to Maggie for over two hours about each shot (there are 25), and how she envisioned each roast on the page—the angle, the garnishes, the props!  I thought all was well until a day ago when Maggie called in a quandary. Her New York butcher wasn’t familiar with “a boneless top sirloin beef roast” that she needed for a picture, so I got in the car with my IPhone and drove to Whole Foods. At the meat counter, one of the senior butchers proudly held up the boneless top sirloin, and I snapped and hit “send.”  Clearly the guy liked his new role because when I finished snapping, he asked, “Am I going to be famous?” 

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  1. I've had a few frustrating experiences with the Whole Foods butchers (I once asked if they had fresh duck breast and was told "no," only to find it myself ten minutes later!), but this particular gentleman has always been helpful and knowledgeable... Fun first post, Betty!